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Pinned Article Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) Software for Students, Faculty & Staff

Office 365 Software for Students, Faculty & Staff for personal use.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Faculty

How to Install Adobe Creative Cloud & Applications

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

Lindenwood will be offering a free 90 Day trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. This article shows you how you can gain access to this free trial

Delegate Email Access

How to delegate email access in Outlook 365

Enable speech recognition

Used by individuals needing speech recognition for software.

How to delete cookies on PC, MacBook, Chrome, Firefox

How to delete cookies on PC and MacBook

Install or Update Software Through Software Center

Software Center Update or Software Installation

Reserving Zoom Capable Rooms

Zoom Capable Rooms can be reserved for meetings and conferences by submitting an event request through EMS.

Securing PDF's with Passwords & Security Basics for Adobe PDF's

Everything you need to know about Securing PDF's with Passwords.

Sharing Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) Calendars (OWA)

This article show's you how to properly share your Microsoft 365 calendar with other users on campus.

uChat Failing to Load

U-Chat is the chat feature used by Admissions to chat with prospective students.

Installing Fonts

Font and Logo installation steps.

Turning off pop up blocker

How to turn off Pop Up Blocker.