Anthology Portal information

Go to and select MyLINDENWOOD

On the left panel, scroll down to “Pages”

Under “Pages” you will find “Training Resources” which has two links.

The first link is titles “Anthology Student Training Resources”

Scroll down to Faculty Portal Features and click on the hyperlink “Anthology Portal Help Page” The link will take the user to

While this is for more detailed information for Faculty and Staff how to students will have access to this as well

The second link is titled “Student Portal – Training Guides” This is information on some of the basic functions that students will need to access.  To access instructions for the student portal, users will scroll down and click “Go Here” The hyperlink will take them to

More detailed step by step instructions are included but not limited to:  General, Online Registration and Student Records and Financial Services.


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Wed 11/30/22 8:23 PM
Wed 11/30/22 8:23 PM