Free Microsoft 365 Software for Students, Faculty & Staff


Step 1: Visit


Step 2: Select Email along the top of the page


Step 3:  Select Access Microsoft 365 (Select "OK" for redirect pop-up regarding leaving Lindenwood website)


Step 4: Login with your Lindenwood University Email Address and Password


Step 5: Select the App Launcher Icon in the upper left corner

Step 6: Select "Microsoft 365"


Step 7: Click on "Install Microsoft" and select "Microsoft 365 under APPS". 

The executable will be embedded at the bottom of the webpage. Click on the executable and run the setup

Please Note: This software is available on up to 5 devices and as long as you have an active email account

You can install it on any personal computer, laptop or tablet you desire - even your grandma's! 

Please note: This software is only intended for personal computing devices and should not be installed on Lindenwood computers, laptops or tablets. We use Enterprise software for these devices.   Thank you. 


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