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Self-Service Management tool (SSPR): Reset Password

See linked article on student, and faculty & staff password requirements for more detail and special considerations.

Navigate to:

Follow the on-screen prompts to reset your password.

NOTE:This will only work if you have registered for Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) in the Office 365 portal. If you have not yet registered, you will be prompted to register for SSPR every time you login.



  • Hover over LU Portals and a drop down box will appear.  Select "Office 365" from the options along the top 

  • Scroll Down and select Access Office 365 

  • Login with your Lindenwood email account and password.

  • Select your picture or your initials in the upper right hand corner ,

  • Select view account and change password.


Standard Password Requirements

  • Minimum 14 characters
  • Cannot use a previous password
  • Password cannot include any part of the user's name
  • Password cannot include 3 repeating characters
  • Password cannot include spaces
  • Password cannot contain cliché words (Password, Lindenwood, Users Name)
  • Not the same as any recent passwords
  • Not incremental repeated letters or numbers (111, 123, aaa, abc, cannot just add a number to the end)
  • Reset does not permit the use of your name
  • Reset does not allow terms related to Lindenwood
  • For a list of passwords not allowed click here.

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