Self-Service Printing, Scanning & ID Card Setup

How Scan, Print, Copy from a Kyocera Printer & to Setup ID for applications. 


Step 1   Two methods to log into a Kyocera Printer Copier Scanner for printing, copying, or scanning. 

Select to log in with your staff or student username and password, or your student/staff ID Number. (Note: To use staff ID numbers, the letter "e" is needed before the number)

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Scan student ID card or staff/faculty ID card.  

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When you scan your card or enter your information it will display the menu of options Printer Release, Device Functions, Scan. Also, once logged in, the number of print jobs will be on the top row above the icons. 

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Step 2: Printing

  • Select "Print Release" from main menu options shown in the previous image.
  • Then, select "Print All" to print all documents in your queue. You may also select the document you want to print, and then press "Print."

Step 3 Scanning and Copying

  • To Copy
    • Press the Device Functions options from the main menu. Then, select "Copy."
    • You can use the automatic feed tray on top of the copier or lay items on the glass for copy.
    • Press the blue "Start" button to begin copying.
  • To Scan
    • Press the Scan option from the main menu.
    • You can scan to your email or manually enter in the Emails you wish to scan copy to.
    • You may use the top tray feeder or the flat bed scanner or copier.
    • Press the blue "Start" button to begin scanning.

Step 4

Remember to log out after completing your print/scan/copy job

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