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Office 365 email and calendar, telephones and voicemail, web conferencing, file sharing, and web hosting.

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Pinned Article Adobe Creative Cloud for Faculty

How to Install Adobe Creative Cloud & Applications

Pinned Article Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

Lindenwood will be offering a free 90 Day trial of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. This article shows you how you can gain access to this free trial

Pinned Article Cisco IP Communications for Remote Work

Cisco IP Communication for IP Phone Work Remote Access and Use.

Pinned Article Event Management Software (EMS) has replaced Astra

Event Management Software (EMS) has replaced Astra Schedule VII for Meeting and Scheduling.

Pinned Article Microsoft Teams & Video Conferencing

Microsoft Teams & Video Conferencing

Pinned Article Recycle Drop-off Locations for Printer Toner, and Ink Cartridges

Recycle Drop-off Locations for Printer Toner, and Ink Cartridges

Pinned Article Workday Add or Update Driver License Information

Update or Change "My License" in Workday - If you currently drive or plan to drive a Lindenwood University vehicle, you will need to update your driver’s license and proof of insurance in workday.

Dining Hours for meal plan usage

Collection of dining hours for cafeterias on campus.

How to update your phone number in Workday

This article will show users how to change phone number information in Workday. The updates in Workday will transfer over to the website directory in 24-48 hours.

Long Distance Fax Instructions

Long Distance Fax Instructions

Phone Management

These instructions assist employees who work remotely.

uChat Failing to Load

U-Chat is the chat feature used by Admissions to chat with prospective students.

Wireless Internet Access at Off-Campus Housing and Channel Lineup

Wireless internet access at off-campus housing and channel lineup.

Zoom Room Log In Credentials

Zoom conference room log-in information.

Laptop Distribution Process

Laptop Distribution Process

Parking Permit Registration using StarRez

How to apply for a parking pass in Starrez