Workday Add or Update Driver License Information

Instructions for entering your Driver’s License and Proof of Auto Insurance in Workday

  • Lindenwood University just updated it’s vehicle policy to allow employees to record their driver’s licenses and proof of insurance in Workday using the “Change My Licenses” task. 
  • Prior to vehicle assignment, an employee must have a copy of his or her valid driver’s license and insurance card on file in Workday. 
  • If you currently drive or plan to drive a Lindenwood University vehicle, you will need to update your driver’s license and proof of insurance in workday.  

Here are the steps to fill out the form: 

Step 1:  Log into Workday

From the Workday home page, select the Personal Information Icon

Step 2:  In the Change column, select Licenses:

Step 4: To start this, please click the plus sign twice to add two rows.

Enter your driver’s license information on one line and your proof of insurance information on the second line.

Note:  Here is an example of the Change My Licenses screen:

Step 5:  When attaching your documents, please select the appropriate Driver’s License or Insurance Card category:

It will be your responsibility to update your driver’s license and insurance card (proof of insurance) as they approach their expiration dates.


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