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Free Office 365 for Students, Faculty & Staff - personal device web-based software with an active Lindenwood email account.

Institutional Data Request (IDR) information

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps safeguard access to data and applications while maintaining simplicity for users. It provides additional security by requiring a second form of authentication and delivers strong authentication.

online food ordering

The EMS Web App is the most convenient way for users to book an available room or workspace for a single date and time.

​​​​​​​LU IT Help Desk support of passwords includes the following, but not limited to:

Single Password for Students, Faculty, and Staff
Single Sign-on Access for Faculty and Staff

Submit general technology support requests to the LU Help desk.

Collaborate with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online.

Application supported by the University

• Consent withdrawal – I would like to withdraw consent for the Lindenwood University System to process my personal data for the purpose(s) described in the form below.
• Access request – I would like the Lindenwood University System to provide a secure copy of all personal data held on me as a data subject.
• Rectification of personal data – I would like the Lindenwood University System to correct incomplete, missing, and/or inaccurate personal data.
• Erasure of personal data – I would like my personal data erased from non-business critical or legally protected systems or processes.
• Restriction of processing of personal data – I would like my personal data restricted or suspended from processing as described in the form below.
• Personal data portability request – I would like to obtain a secure, machine readable copy of my personal data for personal use.
• Objection to processing of personal data – I object to my personal data being used as described in the form below.

End user hardware support

Services to ensure classrooms are suitably equipped and functional to meet the needs of the educational experience.

Respondus LDB License
Respondus Monitor

Learning Management system

Electronic document imaging services.

enrollment verification, graduation verification and transcript ordering system

print management system

SmartCatalog is the hosted online university catalog system.

Applications and services that support faculty administration, review, promotion and tenure.
Applications: AppointLink Evidence-based Evaluation System, Digital Measures

student refund system

Lindencircle retention management system (Hobsons Starfish)

access control system for dorms and administrative buildings

Housing software for St Charles and Belleville campuses

statistics and reporting software for library services