Classroom Walk Through

Classroom Walk through

It is important that no steps are skipped. Take note if there is any issue so that it can be addressed in time for classes to begin.

  1. Power on the Crestron Unit w/touch panel
  2. If electronic make sure the projector screen descends properly.
  3. Take note if the projector is dim.
  4. Shuffle through the sources. Make sure all sources show up on the screen.
  5. Log into the pc and pull up a YouTube video to test the network speed and audio.
  6. Put a DVD in the player and test the visual and audio.
  7. Hook up a laptop and test the connections along with the audio. (HDMI and VGA)
  8. Test the Owl camera.
  10. Walk around the room and test the Owl to make sure it adjusts the camera properly.


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