Conferencing using Owl 360 Camera in the classroom

Classroom Video conferencing using Canvas and the Owl 360 Camera

*Note*- Please use the Google Chrome web browser

1. To access canvas go to

2. Select access Canvas

3. Enter your Lindenwood login credentials


4. Select the course

5. Select Conferences on the left hand side

6. Select new Conference


7. Create the new conference

Within this page select the options you would like to have for the conference. Options to record the conference and invite all course members are located here. Once all the options have been selected select update to create the conference.


8. Select start to start the new conference

9. Select Microphone

10. Select allow

11. Complete the echo test

10. To start the conference you must select the share your web cam icon on the lower part of the page.

12. Select allow

13. Select the Camera and the quality setting and start sharing

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