Free Microsoft Office 2016 for Students, Faculty & Staff

Free Microsoft Office 2016 on up to 5 devices and as easy as 3 steps: 

Step 1: Go to the Website for Lindenwood Univeristy and Select Email Outlook 365

Step 2: Log in to the Email using your full email address and click on the "Outlook 365" tab next to the apps display button. 

Step 3: Click the Black "Outlook" Bar or Click "Settings" the gear icon in the upper right top of page.  Next  choose software then proceed to "INSTALL" directions will self guide you from there to install.  Here you will see devices software is installed and can deactivate if needed, when you get a new computer, for example.  

Note: This software is available on up to 5 devices and as long as you have an active email account.

You can install it on any computer, laptop or tablet you desire - even your grandma's! 

Please note:This software is only intended for personal compute devices and should not be installed on Lindenwood computers, laptops or tablets.

We use Enterprise software for these devices.   Thank you. 

From Settings, gear icon, Select Software and then go to Install

From Home icon, select Install Status to see what installs are Detected

Example of install status, this is where you can deactivate an install to free one up for use on a new device.  



It's that simple... enjoy your Free Microsoft Office 2016!  Welcome to Lindenwood