New Hire Workday Questionnaire for IT Access

The IT Access questionnaire form is now live in the Workday Hire process. 

When the manager approves a Hire, they will now receive the Workday Inbox item to complete the questionnaire of IT Access. 

Managers will need to answer the questions of where the employee is working, the computer and phone information if the new hire needs access to Docuware, CAMs, Workday, and drives.  Once this questionnaire is submitted and the hire is approved, then the notification will be sent to the Lindenwood Help Desk to process the ticket items.

Summary For the IT help desk Team:

  • HR sends the questionnaire out to the manager for New Hire.
  • Manager completes the New Hire Form and submits.
  • Then request hits automatically assigning to area of need in Team Ticketing System for ALL new hire needs.
  • If multiple tickets are seen for same user about the New Hire Access Form, Please do not merge.

Managers please refer the below screen shots of IT Access - New Hire Form

For any job changes or hires that need additional access, the manager will be able to create a Request, by going to “Create Request” and completing the same questionnaire, but in the request format. Only a manager will have access to complete this task. Once it is submitted, the notification will be sent to the Help Desk as well. 


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