Wi-Fi Login Procedures

Student, Faculty & Guest Wi-Fi Login


"Lindenwood"  = Wi-Fi for Student, Faculty & Staff

USERNAME: Username@lindenwood.edu
PASSWORD: Use same password for all other login's

  • Student username example: ABC123@lindenwood.edu

"Lindenwood-Guest"  = Wi-Fi for Guests

USERNAME: Lindenwood Guest

PASSWORD: None needed just enter for access.

Connect Smart Phone Devices

iPhone Users:

Step 1

Press the “Lindenwood” Wi-Fi



Step 2

Enter you Lindenwood credentials, then press "Join"



Step 3

Press “Trust”

You are now connected to Wi-Fi


Android Users:

When connecting to “Lindenwood” Wi-Fi, enter the information like in the picture example. In “Identity” enter your full Lindenwood email.


Connect Laptop

Windows Laptop Users:

Step 1

Click the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Click the “Lindenwood” Wi-Fi option, then click connect.



Step 2

In the “Network Authentication” box, type in your Lindenwood email information, followed by your password, click OK.


Guest Wi-Fi Login

Wi-Fi name: “Lindenwood-Guest”

No password or username required.

After you click or press to connect to the Lindenwood-Guest Wi-Fi, the user have to click or press "Accept" the Lindenwood Wireless Access Computer Use Policy.

Windows Laptop Example


iPhone Example

Scroll down and press "Accept"

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