Software Distribution Overview


Lindenwood University owned computers are deployed with Lindenwood University licensed standard system image. Standard system image includes operating system, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and other productivity suites as needed depends on whether if it is for classroom/lab use or faculty/staff use.

For faculty and staff, pre-installed and available software will be distributed based on their department and title, through Microsoft System Center. Available software may be accessed through software catalog website or Software Center on the computer. Some available software may require you to submit an “installation request” through Software Center. If you need any additional software to be installed which is not available on the Software Center nor catalog, then you may need to submit a software installation/purchase request through appropriate route.

For classroom or lab computers, pre-installed software will be distributed based on the department and the purpose of the room, through Microsoft System Center. Additional software may be distributed based on approval, if instructor requests any.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Feature:

Lindenwood University owned computers will have central-managed software distribution, through Microsoft System Center. This will help for both employees and students receiving better software support without much of disturbance.


All Lindenwood employees and students.
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