Fax FAQ's & Instructions

The Fax FAQ's

  • Faculty and Students have access to sending outgoing FAX ... Facsimile  services.
  • Fax or Scan as well as Wireless Printing is functional with the Biz Hub Printers listed below.
  • The user may also receive Fax's at the locaitons listed.  
  • The Library staff is not held responsible to retrieve a Fax on the student’s behalf.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to be present when the Fax is sent to receive their own Fax.
  • Note: Faxing is available at the following locations and numbers for fax /printers for walk-up fax  availability:

    Admissions Office      (636) 949-4109 

    Larc Main Lobby        (636) 949-4822 

How to Send a Fax Long Distance or Local: 


Step 1: Use ID Card or Enter ID# 

Step 2:

Select Device Functions


Step 3:

Select Scan/Fax Option

Step 4:

Select Direct Input located on the left hand side of the screen Select Fax


Step 5:

Enter 9 +1 (area code) xxx-xxxx

Note:  The number '9' allows an outside line to be dialed. 

Press Start

Step 6:

You should see "Dialing" on the upper right hand corner of the screen


To Check on the Status of the Fax Job While It’s Sending:

The job status will appear in the upper right corner while the job is sending.

To Check on the Status if the Fax has been Completed:

Once logged in you will get logged out during the process of the fax sending. Log back in, select “Device Function”, select ‘Job List” in the upper right corner. Select “Log Tab” and you should see “Job Complete or “Error”. 

If a job is still in progress it will be in the “In Progress” tab. A transmission report will only print if there was an error message.

However, a report will not print if the fax was successful.

To Troubleshoot:

Step 1: Using a phone, call the fax number. It should sound like a fax. If it sounds like a busy signal, power cycle the black box, located on the ground near the copier/printer/fax machine.

The black box is called an ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor is a handset-to-Ethernet adaptor that turns traditional telephone devices into IP devices

Step 2: Call the number you are trying to fax to, to make sure it is a fax number. You should hear the “fax sound”.

Step 3: Notify the help desk or place a help desk ticket by emailing helpdesk@lindenwood.edu. You can also call the help desk at 636-255-5100.

Note: Faxing is available at the following locations and numbers for fax /printers for walk-up fax availability:

Admissions Office      (636) 949-4109 

Larc Main Lobby        (636) 949-4822 

Also, available if you are at these locations below, for specified reasons, and need a fax for this department's information only.   

These departments do not take walk-ups! Please respect this rule. 

Human Resources      (636) 949-4310 (Only if there already for HR purposes) 

The Business Office   (636) 949-4845 or (636) 949-4922 (Only if there already for Business Office purposes) 

Finanical Aid             (636) 949-4924 (Only if there already for Financial Aid purposes) 





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