Update Workday Personal Information and Office Location

The Employee-as-Self can update their Office Location and other information by going into Workday and in the “Personal Information” Worklet, clicking on the “ Change my Work Space ” task. The employee will search for the correct office location and then click submit. Once submitted, the manager will need to approve to make it official in Workday.
Step by step instructions are below.


To update your workspace:
To begin, log into Workday (for login issues, please contact the IT Help Desk)
1. Go to the Personal Information Worklet
2. At the very bottom of the screen, click on Change My Work Space
. In the next screen, enter an effective date, which can be the day you are making the change, or a future date if you are moving office locations.
4. Then, search for your office location in the Work Space field. If your office location is not in Workday, please email helpdesk@lindenwood.edu to have the location added.
5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. Workspace changes will be routed for your supervisor to approve.



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