Trend Micro Tips and Tools

Trend Micro Tips and Tools

Lindenwood is using Trend Micro Hosted Email Security and Cloud App Security to secure our email experience. This will create an added security layer for suspicious email content. 

Step 1:

You will see a new shortcut on your computer. 

Here is the Link. Trend Micro for Lindenwood

Note:  send to your email activity when not on LU Computers. 

You will receive a LU Digest Email daily to inform you of the day to day emails quarantined. 

Step 2: 

  • If you experience missing emails in your inbox, please click the Lindenwood Email Security Shortcut.  
  • The shortcut will take you to your personal log in page for accessing your list of quarantined emails. 
  • Log in with same credentials used for Lindenwood access. 
  • Note: Passwords are case sensitive.

Once you are logged in, emails that are quarantined by the Trend Micro Hosted Email Security tool will be displayed here. The reasons for the quarantine vary, but usually are related to the emails being judged to be malicious, SPAM, Phishing, or Graymail.

These emails will only be ones that were sent to your email account from an external source.  

They may have had attachments or links in their content, and Trend Micro settings may flag them as suspicious.

  • Encourage Students, Faculty, and Staff to only white list or deliver emails that they are certain are legitimate.  Trend Micro usually has a good reason for having blocked an email.
  • This is your server space, and your space only. 
  • Here you can analyze the email activity and delete the emails that are spam or phishing related or potentially sent from hackers.  Remember, these emails will automatically delete after 30 days, no action is required. 
  • We have established initial settings to follow recommendations from Trend Micro for account security in educational environments, this means that some emails may be blocked that are actually safe, we are testing our settings selections based on your feedback. 
  • If the email activity you see is spam or questionable you can select “Delete & Block Sender”.
  • If the email activity is not spam, you can choose to "deliver" the message.
  • If the email activity is not spam and is a recurring email or from a regular email source, you can select “Deliver and Approve Sender”.

Step 3: Trend Micro example of emails blocked:

Trend Micro example of how to approve or block senders.   

In IT we refer to this either White-listing or Black-listing an email.

It is that simple and secure. 

Trend keeps you safe and the questionable emails off your device.

Trend Micro is working 24/7 to protect your information.  Any questions contact the Lindenwood IT Helpdesk at


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