Cisco Voicemail Guide

Message Waiting Lights and Envelope Indicators
If you have a voicemail box on a personal line and you have a message waiting, you will see a flashing envelope next to the line button; you will also see a solid red light on your handset.  If you have a shared voicemail box on your phone, you will only see the flashing envelope icon when there is a message waiting in that mailbox

To enroll with voice mail (first use)

  • Press the Messages button
  • Enter the first time enrollment initial password = 12345, followed by #
  • Follow prompts to:
  • Record your name - press # key as soon as you say your name
  • Record a greeting – press # key as soon as you say your greeting
  • Set a new password; note that the minimum length is 4 digits and that you cannot use your previous password.  Your password will not expire, however. 
    To log on to voice mail from another inside phone (for your voicemail or another user’s voicemail)
  • Press the Messages button
  • Press *
  • Enter your ID (extension), and then press # key.
  • Enter your password, and then press the # key.

Check Voicemail from outside

  1. Dial your full number (Example: 618-239-6199)
  2. Press ‘*’ when you hear the greeting
    1. Your ID is your Ext, followed by your pin.  

More about Voicemail
Basic Controls (from the Number Pad)
Hear new messages    1   Set up options             4 
Send new message     2   Cancel, exit, or backup  *
Review old messages  3  Skip or move ahead      #
Help                           0                                    

During Message Playback


After Message Playback

Restart Message 1 Replay Message 1
Save 2 Save 2
Delete 3 Delete 3
Slow down playback 4 Reply 4
Change volume 5 Forward Message 5
Speed up playback 6 Save as New 6
Rewind (3 sec) 7 Rewind 7
Pause or Resume 8 Reserved 8
FastForward (3 sec) 9 Play message details 9
Skip Message Summary at before the Message # Save as is  
Help 0 Help 0

To Change Greetings

  • Log into voicemail
  • Press 4 for Setup options
  • Press 1 for Greetings
    • Follow prompts to adjust greetings

To Change Recorded Name

  • Log into voicemail
  • Press 4 for Setup options
  • Press 3 for Preferences
  • Press 2 for Recorded Name

Instructions for Outside Calling to Lindenwood Systems

Here are the instructions to call from outside the Lindenwood system:
Check Voicemail from outside
1. Dial your full number (Example: 618-239-6199 )
2. Press ‘ * ’ when you hear the greeting, remember your ID is your extension of your phone number, followed by your pin.
Everything else is the same once you are in the phone menu and system. 


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