Finishing Options on the Kyocera Multifunction Printers

This knowledge base article will review the basic print options of Staple, Collate and Duplex printing.  When you are printing from a word document go to File, then Print. This will bring up your print screen. From there you will click on Printer Properties.  

Basic Options 

The Printer Property screen, pictured above, will open to the basic options that have the most common finishing options. To change any of the options, simply select the button below the option you want to select.  

Collate: This is turned on by default. To change from collate to standard printing please click on the first radio button. NOTE changing this setting will print the first page the number of copies you requested and then print the next so you will have to separate and put everything together manually.  

Orientation: This allows you to print Portrait or Landscape and upside down, allowing for right-hand stapling.  

Duplex: Duplex printing allows you to print on the front page only, both sides while flipping on the long edge, or both sides while flipping on the short edge  

  • Flip on long edge: Flip on long edge is the option you are looking for if you are printing a document in the regular portrait orientation and want to read it like a book. 

  • Flip on short edge: Flip on short edge comes into play when you are printing a document in landscape mode and, again, want the document to read like a book, with page 2 on the opposite side to page 3, and so on. 

Color: Color allows you to print Full color, auto color, gray scale 

  • Full color: Full Color is a printing process that combines four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black, commonly referred to as “CMYK”) to create full-color images. These colors are printed on top of one another, producing a continuous-tone color image (meaning colors that smoothly merge instead of distinct, sharply outlined areas of color). 

  • Auto Color: The printer will determine if the original color is Black and White, then print in the format that best suits the original. 

  • Gray scale:  Prints the document in Black and white. 

  • EcoPrint: EcoPrint is a feature of the Kyocera printer which saves toner. Even if I put the resolution to 600×600, best print quality, the text still comes out the same. It is most noticeable when printing from Word or Address Book, where changing the print quality has no effect. 

Layout Options 


The layout tab of the Printer Property screen allows a variety of options, the most common are Scaling and Booklet.  

  • Scaling of the document allows to increase or decrease the size of the document to fit a specified area and is accomplished by changing the value of the percent number used as resolution. 

  • Booklet printing allows documents with multiple pages arranged on sheets of paper that, when folded, present the correct page order.  

Finishing Options 

The layout options allow for many of the folding, binding, stapling and hold punch options that MAY be available. If the option is unavailable, a yellow triangle with an escalation mark will indicate it. To activate the options in this section, click on the check box on the paper image for each section or the Separation section button. 

  • Separation: You can have the printer insert a separation page to separate print jobs, multiple copies of a single print job or individual pages of a print job. 

  • Staple:  You can print in the upper left or lower left corners as well as booklet. 

Imaging Options 


Finally, we review Imaging. Imaging allows you to change the print quality, as well as the Full color and EcoPrint options that were mentioned previously. Print quality refers to the quality of the hard copy or printout produced by a printer. Our suggestion is to set the print quality to Standard. Here are the options: 


High Quality 



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