Setting up a new PR5000

When opening the box that contains your new PR5000 you will have the following:

  • PR5000
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Supply
  • USB to DB9 Serial Adapter
  • USB to RS232 DB9/DB25 Serial Adapter Male/Male

To power on the PR5000 plug the power supply into the bottom of the PR5000 and into the surge protector that the computer is plugged into. Connect the PR5000 by installing the Ethernet Cable into the device and plug the other end into a network drop. Note, while you can set the device up for wireless our preferred method is hard wired. Finally, plug the USB to DB9 and RS232 cable together and connect your computer and the PR5000.  This step is needed to transfer information from the PR5000 to our systems such as RecTrac and Sierra.

Once the device is powered on tap the screen in order to get through the walk through.  Click on “Quick Setup”

On the Select Network Configuration Type, make sure that there is an IP address on the hard-wired side on the left and click “Next”

Now enter the name for the device.  This name should be the location where the PR5000 is going. Examples are Barnes & Nobel, Finess#1, Fitness#2, SAC#1 SASS.

After naming the device select “Done” and then “Next”

At this time you will enter the URL of our TSE Host.  That URL is

After entering the host name, the system will then test to ensure connectivity.  Once the test is over you will receive a connection successful notification and then you will tap “Next”

At this time you can go into TSE Cloud, and find the PR5000 under Point of Service


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