PR5000: Instructions

To access the settings

  • Touch the upper right corner four times
  • Enter 100 as the pin and tap ok
  • Tap the settings gear in the upper right

Settings options:

  • Network Settings
    • IP Address
      • DHCP
    • Wireless Network Settings
      • Not Used
    • Device Description (Name)
      • Serial Number
      • Device Description (Name)
    • Host Connection
    • NTP server address
    • Wireless MAC Address
  • Device Settings (Leave as default)
    • Brightness
    • Application
      • POS
    • Screen Orientation
    • LED Settings
    • Sounds
    • Volume
    • Host Configurations
    • Devices
  • Updates
    • Refresh Device Configuration: Pulls configuration from TSECloud
    • Update Screen

How to access the administrator settings page.

You must first access the settings page, see instructions above. When you see the settings label tap the left side of settings three times, then the right three times, then left three times.  The above sequence of taps must be completed rapidly.  You will then be prompted for an administrator password.  This password is BbL0gOn.  This has only been used when changing the Artifactory from Prod to UAT when testing Beta Software for Transact.  

How to login when prompted. 

  • Tap Screen
  • Tap Operator number
  • Enter 100 and tap OK
  • Enter Pin
  • Enter 100 and tap OK
  • Scroll over to Autonomous Event and Tap
  • Select Event
  • Tap Library
  • Tap Go

Badges not reading:

Generally there are four issues that we find when the badges are not reading

  1. Datasnip is not set up properly.  The issue can be resolved following the instructions on the next page.
  2. Multiple user profiles are logged into the computer.  This prevents the active user from being able to properly set up Datasnip since the COM port shows active.   This is resolved by a reboot of the computer.
  3. The PR5000 has not been configured to accept NFC.  When this happens the user can swipe their badge using the Mag Swipe reader on the top of the PR5000.  This can be resolved by IT by taking a Transact Security Card and tapping the touch screen.  These cards are currently held by Tom Falls and Stormi Henry.
  4. ID is not working as anticipated. A new ID can be created at the Help Desk located on the main level of the LARC


Datasnip is a simple Communication port to Keyboard buffer redirection program. Characters arriving at a Serial Communication port of a PC will be transferred to the keyboard buffer allowing data to be imported to any user application program that allows a keyboard input. This function, generally known as a keyboard wedge, is useful in such applications as RFID scanning, importing scale data, and any other application that requires automated data entry. This is how information from the card is transferred to systems such as Sierra and RecTrac.  The install package for Datasnip can be found in Gordon

To use set up Datasnip, you must first verify the COM port that Windows is using for the PR5000.

Verify Serial COM Port (Windows)

  • Navigate to Device Manager using the either method:
    • Hold Windows Key, then press “X”, then select Device Manager
    • Search “device manager” in Windows Start Menu
  • In Device Manager, expand the Ports menu and look for “Prolific USB-to-Serial”
    • This is the COM Port for the Transact card reader

From here we need to select the Serial COM Port in Data Snip:

  • Open the Data Snip app and set the following options:
    • Set COMS Port to the same COM# found in Windows Device Manager
    • Set Parity to Even
    • Check the “Translate CR to ENTER key” box
    • Check the “Start Datasnip when computer starts” box
    • Check the “Start redirection when Datasnip starts” box
  • After the above has been configured, click the “START REDIRECTION” button
  • The Transact card reader is now ready to be used



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