Classroom of the Future

Step 1 

Turn on and login into the computer and select the solstice shortcut or icon to turn it ON.  NOTE: The crestron unit for the room is on the wall. 

The default pod is yellow, which mirrors the computer (which is controlled by the instructor/teacher/moderator). 

Step 2 

Open the Solstice App on the main PC/laptop/mobile phone, open the setting to enter the moderator name and change settings for Application control. 

(Note: Turning the moderator on gives full control of display on the pod, users can be allowed only with access permission) 

Step 3 

Select the Tab ‘Enter IP’ tab and enter the IP address provided on the Solstice Pod screens and click ‘Go’. 

Step 4 

Solstice prompts for ‘Key’, enter the key displayed on the pod adjacent to the IP address. (Note: Key changes every time you login

Step 5 

Select the 'Desktop TAB' to mirror the sharing desktop on the Pod. 

Step 6 

The App Window TAB is to share an open App. Click the 'App prompt' to share on the Pod. 


Step 7 

To share media file click the TAB ‘Media File’. This displays media files like documents, pictures, videos, etc. 

Step 8 

To display just on the default Pod click Main Display, to have all the Pods displaying the same content click ALL Displays on the Solstice Pad. 

To have individual display for every Pod repeat steps 3 to 7 for each individual pod and click GROUP WORK on the Solstice Pod. 



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