Phishing attacks: Tips for identifying and reporting

Phising emails will typically contain at least one of these telltale signs:

  • Asks for sensitive information
  • Uses a different domain (Other than
  • Contains links that don't mach the domain
  • Includes unsolicited attachments or links within the email
  • Is not personalized
  • Uses porr spelling and grammar
  • Tries to panic or push the recipient into immediate action

Lindenwood IT will never send you links that contain attachments that lead to a Lindenwood University log in page

Valid internal Lindenwood University emails will never contain the following banner(s) at the top of any email: 

We always appreciate it when the community gives the Lindenwood IT team an immediate heads-up when suspicious phishing messages get through our email security systems.

With any suspected phishing email, even if in doubt, report it via the Report Phishing button within Outlook. 

Outlook Desktop Application Ribbon:

Outlook Web Message Navigation Menu:

Outlook Mobile App Message Options


For further information, questions, or support, please contact the Lindenwood IT Helpdesk via email at or by phone at (636) 255-5100


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