SSPR: Self Service Password Reset

Go to

Enter your full Lindenwood University email address and enter the characters in the captcha and click next

Select I forgot my password and click next

For this next part you must have completed setting up Multi Factor Authentication.  You will be asked to enter a verification code from either your authenticator app or text message from your registered device. After entering the code click on Next. 

You will now be asked to choose a new password.  To ensure that you keep your account secure please follow our standard password requirements below:

  • Minimum 14 characters
  • Cannot use a previous password
  • Password cannot include any part of the user's name
  • Password cannot include 3 repeating characters
  • Password cannot include spaces
  • Password cannot contain cliché words (Password, Lindenwood, Users Name)
  • Not the same as any recent passwords
  • Not incremental repeated letters or numbers (111, 123, aaa, abc, cannot just add a number to the end)
  • Reset does not permit the use of your name
  • Reset does not allow terms related to Lindenwood
  • For a full list of not allowed passwords click here.

Finally, click on Finish and your password will be changed.  You will have access to your Student Portal and email within 5 minutes.  Please all a half hour for all other systems to sync.

Please see this link for more information related to changing your password:

Important: When you change your password, please check any browsers/devices that may have stored your old passwords to update the new password.

These are constantly updating to push for notifications that connect to your password to the device or APP on your laptop, cell phones or iPads., etc.


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