Where to Find a Computer Lab

Where to Find a Computer Lab

Computer labs can be found by going to https://labs-lindenwood0.msappproxy.net/maps

1.) Maps

Our maps show how many computers are available in each room. Most of our labs are computer classrooms and at times may not be available for use. You can contact the IT Help Desk for availability. Open hours are subject to campus building hours and closures. 

On the maps window, you can select a lab by clicking on the green dot. 


Once you click on the green dot, it will generate a list of labs and computer classrooms with the corresponding room number and computer count.

Once you choose a lab, it will show the available computers within that lab. Green is available, and Red is in use.

2.) Software

If you select a computer within a lab, you can also see the software on that computer.

You can also search for software that may be in a lab by navigating to the Software tab.

Once in the software tab, you will have a list of available software throughout our labs and computer classrooms.

You can select the software and it will show you available labs with the software selected. It may also include product type if there are multiple versions.




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