Print Management for Student Print Pages

Printing Policy for Lindenwood University         

Students are entitled to print an allotted number of pages from any on-campus computer.  The general allocation is: 

Undergraduate Student or Resident 500 Pages 

Graduate Student or Commuter 300 Pages 

Doctoral Student 1000 Pages 

Helpdesk FAQs 

  1. Typically print pages are added to the currently enrolled student’s account automatically, and they are available one week before semester starts.

  2. How long after a term will a student have access to print? Until the Friday after finals week. 

  3. Should a student need to print, and are enrolled and are unable to they can contact the IT department to verify they are added to Paper Cut. 

  4. Are students going to be restricted from printing between terms? Yes

For example, if a student is enrolled in Spr Sem 16 and is re-enrolled for Fall Sem 17, will they be allowed to print over summer if their prints from the Spr Sem have not been depleted?  NO

If you need further assistance, Please Email the IT Helpdesk for support: 

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